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Submit a Query

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If you want to know your up-to-date share or loan balance, please either send an e-mail or leave a message on the answerphone.  If you  think that the balance in your passbook is wrong, please either send it to the Freepost address or bring it to your local service point.  We will update the book and post it back or return it when you next visit the service point.

If you save or repay a loan by standing order, you will receive an annual statement in October each year (although you can request a balance at any time by e-mail or via our FREEPHONE number).

For any other query, please phone or e-mail us and someone will get in contact with you.

Please remember that we are all volunteers and we run the credit union in our spare time.  We can’t always guarantee to respond immediately, but it’s rare that any query isn’t dealt with within two days.